The Consideration Series

The Consideration is a series of posts following my look into the new laws passed by Spain and Portugal which allow people of Sephardic ancestry to obtain a 'fast-track' citizenship without having to denounce their our original citizenship(s). The series began as a way for me to consider the pros and cons of going through with applying for citizenship in either country but was done while the laws were still being debated. Since the first post both countries have passed their laws and at this point both have also approved applicants who now have their citizenship. This is an on-going series as I have begun working with relatives to begin their application process. If you have begun an application or have been approved, please get in contact with me as I am very interested in learning about your experience.

The Articles
The Consideration: Obtaining My Spanish Citizenship as a Sephardi
The Consideration 2: A Step Forward for Obtaining Spanish Citizenship
The Consideration 3: Spain and Portugal Pass Sephardic Right To Return
The Consideration 4: Starting the Process for Portuguese Citizenship

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