Monday, July 3, 2017

GeneaVlogger: A New Web Series

For those who have followed this blog closely you may have noticed that things have been quiet for a long time now. While my last post was in September of last year, I have continued my genealogical quest although focusing on some branches other than my Sephardic heritage. Specifically I have been focusing on an Ashkenazi branch of my family which came from Russia to southern New Jersey to be one of the original families at The Alliance Colony in 1882. This research led to me using my videography skills (little known fact about me, I have a minor in Film along with my BA in communications) and brought forth the idea of going from blogging to vlogging.

After a little work creating a basic setup for the idea I am now happy to introduce my new youtube channel - GeneaVlogger. I will be releasing a new Vlog and a new quick tip each week. As much as I enjoy blogging, a video format gives me room to explore a lot more and be more artistic with what I create. I will definitely post more articles here, so don't expect this to be the death of the blog,  but now you have a whole other format to enjoy my research!